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I design connections between digital products and its users

Hi, my name is Martin Maricak and I’m a user interface designer living in Kosice, Slovakia. Most of my experience is bound to web and mobile platforms. However, I look forward to craft solutions for weareables as soon as the technology become more mature. I'm increasingly excited about challenges in User Experience and Service Design. The absolute point of User Experience in regards to products or services is, in my humble opinion, positive and delightful improvement of user's life. If you are interested, read more on my expertise.

My perks:

I’ve started my design career as a web designer more than 5 years ago. It all began with preparing visual designs and developing frontend of WordPress themes along with team. In my first year, I’ve spent lot of my time figuring out the rocket surgery of killing an evil nuances lurking in every single corner of a vast backward compatible stylesheets. Yeah, thug life. My designs were featured on industry influencing websites like Awwwards honorable mention or Webdesignerdepot article.

I've joined a dream team at startup called Goldee. We were creating a hardware product and underlying platform. It was aspiring to be Nest for intelligent lighting. I've designed the blog, the internal web application and Goldee application for Android. After Goldee failed on its journey, I've decided to engage in an adventure of experiencing work in a corporation. I've became a member of an international team providing off-shore development for a big player in sports media streaming industry. While maintaining and enhancing multilingual sport media web portal, I was a part of Quatar 2015 handball championship website development team. After finishing my master's degree, I went freelancing. Now I'm taking challenges in small-to-medium sized projects. Mostly, it comes from entrepreneurs or nice companies.


In 2015 I've graduated with master's degree in computer science. My Master Thesis was trying to answer a question: How can we use touch gestures inside an integrated development environments and make it more beneficial for users. I was member of a team of three students who were conducting user research, testing and implementing a lightweight IDE for mobile devices running Android.

About my dream work:

During my experience as a designer, I’m getting increasingly interested in researching user needs and crafting delightful experience while using products and services. I would like to work on websites and user interface designs, that both fulfil business needs and delight users.

Martin Maricak

Something I've done:

World Schools - International schools directory
MemoryAero - Pilot prep iOS application
Dubquiz - Android trivia application
Businesscard - Michal Kuchta
Website for software development company.
Blog for startup called Goldee
Design of Langwitch wordpress theme

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